Our Work

Thanks to the participation and generosity of the various public and private entities and the selfless involvement of our volunteers, CARISMA has been able to offer donations every year that make a difference – for people in a situation of social need, young people, disabled, for projects and for the environment. To date we have been able to distribute approximately € 125,000.

Highlights include courses with the CVN (Cos de Voluntaris per la Natura/ Volunteer Nature Corps) of the Comú de la Massana), through which young people who are neither in school nor employed  can earn certification in forest/park management and gardening, helping them to enter the labour market or return to education. In addition, donations have been made to the Comú de la Massana, the Fundacio Tutelar (Autistic Youth Project), the Aula Taller (La Massana), the Saharawi Children, Talentejant of the Comú d’Escaldes-Engordany, Càritas, CAI, ADA, and to Ukrainian people in need in cooperation with the comús.

CARISMA’s success is thanks not only to the dedication of  the organisations and volunteers who cooperate  for our goals, but also all of you who have donated to our stores and bought from us.  We hope more of you will participate in future helping to make each year more successful.