The beginnings

CARISMA began to run the first charity store in January 2011 with the help of the Comú de la Massana, which ceded a store and warehouse location for free. This store represents the core of the association’s activities. Objects donated by CARISMA benefactors and clients, as well as recycled items from the communal recycling and waste centre, all of which free of charge, are sold. This store works initially with the collaboration of volunteers, mainly residents of various nationalities (Danish, British, French, Finnish, Russian, US American, Japanese …), to which other Andorran volunteers later came.

The initiative was soon a remarkable success. The very good consideration of CARISMA’s local activity is demonstrated when the first prize of the 7th Contest for Environmental Initiatives of the Comú of Escaldes-Engordany is awarded and also the first prize of the 5th. Edition of the Tribute to the Citizenship of the Comú de la Massana.

CARISMA also faced several challenges as a volunteer association in finding space to be able to grow. Logistic obstacles such as transport of goods, repairs, and the varying availability of volunteers limited the opening hours and the possibility of extending the radius of action at local level as well as at national level.

Agreement with AGENTAS

In 2014, in view of their common goals, the collaboration between CARISMA and AGENTAS is formalized by means of an agreement, which is the labor integration service of the Specialized School of Our Lady of Meritxell created in 1990.
AGENTAS takes care of the operation of the new stores that opened in Escaldes (a store and a warehouse) and in Sant Julià, while CARISMA’s volunteers continue to manage the store in La Massana. The new CARISMA amb AGENTAs stores and the warehouse provide employment for people with disabilities directed by a specialized supervisor and with the support of the technical team of AGENTAS (labor preparers and psychologist).

In June 2014, the store “CARISMA amb AGENTAS” was opened in Les Escaldes thanks to the cooperation with the Department of the Environment, AndBank (local agent) and the Comú d’Escaldes-Engordany. The store is located at Av. Fiter i Rossell no. 67.

In September 2014, the transfer of a local by the Comú of Escaldes-Engordany to CARISMA was formalized. The venue serves as a workshop and store where AGENTAS users learn and develop their skills. The store is located at C / Mn. Guille Adelach no. 7.

In February 2015, in cooperation with CARISMA and the Comú de Sant Julià de Lòria, the second store “CARISMA amb AGENTAS” was inaugurated. The store is located at Verge de Canòlich núm. 96.