About Carisma


CARISMA began to run the first charity store in January 2011 with the help of the Comú de la Massana, which ceded a store and warehouse location for free. This store represents the core of the association’s activities. Objects donated to CARISMA, as well as recycled items from the communal recycling  are sold in our shops to raise funds for charitable purposes. The stores work with the collaboration of volunteers. Read more

Our Mission

To offer donations to people in a situation of social need in Andorra, with focus especially on young people, employment and the environment. Read more

Our Work

To date we have been able to distribute approximately € 125,000 in total. Highlights include the CVN (Cos de Voluntaris per la Natura/ Volunteer Nature Corps) courses of the Comú de la Massana, through which young people obtain a degree that helps them to enter the labor market or to return to school or training. In addition, donations have been made to the Comú de la Massana, the Fundacio Tutelar (Autistic Youth Project), the Aula Taller (La Massana), the Saharawi Children, Talentejant of the Comú d’Escaldes-Engordany, Càritas, CAI, ADA, among others. Read more