5th anniversary celebrations

On the 17th of November 2015 Carisma celebrated its 5th anniversary with a concert in the Teatre les Fontetes in La Massana.

Among the performing artist were children from the French School in Ordino, flautist Elisabeth Downes, accompanied by John Humphreys, piano, singers Leela Heriman, Quim Salvat and Bruno Herman, Folk dancers and a fashion show presented by children and adults under the supervision of Lo-Ann Leemans.

At that occasion Carisma donated 2.000 € to the Caritas food bank and 10.000 € to the educational project CVN (Cos Voluntaris per la Natura).

Carisma would like to express its gratitude to all the artists, volunteers and donors who contributed to the success of that event:

INÙU and John Clark
Julia Perfumeries
Wine Import Company
Pizeria Angelo
Café L’Espiga
Pastiserie Fornera
Supermarkets: Garalla, Dia y Caprabo in La Massana
and Carisma’s photographer Florence Lagarrig


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